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I’m confident enough to walk away,
Without having any ‘what if’s’ on my mind,                                                              
Not needing or wanting anything from you,
It’s all very simple.. really,
Fate wasn’t on our side,
We were just not written to be together,
I’m grateful for the times we shared,
The morning and nights we kept each other company,
The lovely words we exchanged,
But all we were doing is trying to fill a void,
A need,
I need something more then this,
How can I ask of you…
To give me something I know you can not give,
I shall not change myself,
Just to please you,
Nor will I pretend it’s meant to be,
So I choose to walk away before it’s to late,
I have come to far,
Let you break my weak heart,
I see our future way before it plays out,
That’s what scares me the most,
So I’m…

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