Damn it

I’m starting my final year of degree course, no kidding it ain’t easy. And no, it’s not so much of the thousand-pages-books-that-can-kill-elephant that I’m afraid of, it’s the apprehension to fall and never get back.

Throughout many nights of loneliness, I play with my broken self with the knowledge of their exact original location, but I’ve never got the guts to put them back together. Sometimes it’s just one piece away from my integrity, but I chose to start the puzzle again. May be I know how the puzzle is going to turn out in the end, or perhaps I don’t, it’s the hope of getting something different that I’m clinging on. May be this time luck will be on my side, and everything will be fabulous again..

It’s the insecurity, the damn insecurity, I’ll never be good enough.
Let’s start it over.