So may be I want to spend the rest of my life with you

That is the happily ever after kind of fairy tale that we have been told ever since snow white got that kiss from the beast, or after Ariel lost her glass slippers, or after Miley’s You Belong with Me.

I sat alone in living room, biting my apple, cogitating on the possibility of happily ever after of a single man after reading the engagement news of my ex-classmates on FB. Does love have to be filled be ripples of storm and tsunami and then THAT one kiss after breaking through all the obstacle and mean stepmother? Can it just be, a simple love? Perhaps the question mark is, do people still want a simple love? NO, don’t answer first. Hold your breath.

This morning I borrowed the beauty of sunshine and put it on my face. I found my spot in PizzaHut, planning to spend half of my day there with music and book, and more food.
All by myself. Is this love simple enough?

OR, last night I put on my swimming trunk and went for a dip. The sapphire blue water made my skin glow like an elf. I danced like a merman under the moonlight.
Do I want more?

Feeling the other lips on mine, sharing the luxurious warmth under my old comforter, singing with another person in an old car, or kissing under water in swimming pool.. Do I want more?

Eventually. Perhaps one fine day.
But what if nobody loves me?
What if the love goes sailing smooth, and we don’t want to believe its actual love?