Afraid of the next Goodbye

Because I don’t want to embark on something new all over again.
(One thing I love about blogging is I can start my sentence with ‘because’ although I’ve been taught not to do that)

Most of the time we get too compatible with all the familiar surrounding, we probably need two brains to calculate a small new step, because everyone knows how their bedsheets smell like, or the exact amount of turns and steps to reach their bathroom to pee at night.
In the middle of saying Hello to a new object/situation, we find the quickest way to settle down and refuse to make a change, no discussion needed. NO!

Everything changes everyday, the carbon dioxide level, Lady Gaga’s hair, British royalty hats, etc. Funny thing is we human who make all the newspaper-reportable changes, never progress. With all the greatest inventions surrounding us, everything has become so instant, literally.
– With a click, you’re friend with someone on FB whom you’ve just met 3.6207563 minutes ago
– With a “Ding”, your instant food is ready and you can get back to your war immediately
– With a blink, next thing you know, everyone is holding Iphone 8.

Things that could be very valuable has become less meaningful because it’s too easy to get, you can grab a fistful of anything anytime.
We don’t know how to appreciate friends anymore, because instead of writing them letters to find how how their handwriting look like or do we like the same books, we can look through the transformation of their whole life by just clicking the info part on FB. That’s it, you know almost everything about your new friend and what are you going to talk about the second time you meet each other? Inner turmoil? Family conflict?

complicated lifeWe make our world so damn complicated you can’t be just an accountant anymore, people will be expecting a Superman uniform underneath your suit. Not only that, you’ll need to have the perfectly abs-bulous physique to make the red underwear shine. Sigh.

C’est la vie.